After conquering the site from the Jebusites 3,000 years ago, King David, established the City of David as the unified capital of the tribes of Israel. David’s son, King Solomon, built the First Temple above the City of David on top of Mount Moriah. Excavations here have revealed many remains and artifacts from the First and Second Temple periods including walls of large public buildings and fortifications, Warren's Shaft, the Gihon Spring, Hezekiah's Water Tunnel and the Pool of Siloam where Jesus healed the blind man in John. A Pilgrims' Road has been excavated recently which leads from the Pool to the Temple Mount. The Old City would develop and expand from this nucleus over the centuries. The City of David is one of the most important and exciting archeological sites in israel.

City of David

City of David

Jerusalem , Israel

695m / 2280ft above sea level (altitude)


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